Mystic Stone Lounge


Blends amazing magic with psychological illusions. Created with an adult audience in mind, MindTrix will have you asking yourself how that happened for a long time to come. Audience members are invited to assist Edward in a 75 minute journey into amazement.

This isn’t your ordinary magic show, but an interactive experience full of deception and illusion. Through dynamic interaction with the audience, Edward  will demonstrate the limitless potential of your mind. 

Weekly Performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 pm ( shows are 1½ hr in length)
Doors open at 8:00 pm


Ticket’s available for purchase at the Guest Service Desk at the Old Stone Inn Boutique Hotel.

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  • Date Night: 2 Tickets and a Bottle of Wine (red or white) ONLY $89*
  • Dinner & Show: 2 tickets and a 2 course offering with choice of appetizer or dessert along with a main entrée. $75* (per person)
  • Four Pack: 2 Adults and 2 Children ONLY $99*

General ticket prices - Adults $35 & Children $25 (ages 12 and under)*

All tickets include complimentary parking. 

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To reserve your MIND TRIX show tickets, please phone 1-888-666-3060 or e-mail us at

*Terms & Conditions: Advanced booking required for groups of 6 or more. Private Magic Show bookings available upon request.  
Subject to availability.


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Edward Stone started his Magic career at the age of 10. He was lucky to cross paths with the famous Canadian Illusionist Doug Henning, which sealed his fate. By the age of 12, Edward was performing for corporate functions, and private events.

Now Edward travels thru out North America, performing his show in soft seat Theaters for over 1000. His performances have Wowed Corporate audiences at venues from Niagara Falls to Vancouver.

From the moment the show begins, the audience becomes the true stars of the show. Audience members take the stage to perform impossible feats of magic, engage in mind reading demonstrations, and be a part of the amazement first hand. Imagine a mind-bending experience where borrowed objects vanish and reappear, float through the air, and challenge the perceptions of reality. Edwards show will leave your audience with memories that will last a lifetime.

In 2012 he had the opportunity to be involved in the New T.V. Show “Canada’s Got Talent.”   The celebrity Judges, included Martin Short, Stephan Moccio, Messha Brueggeregosman. They all gave Edward a Yes vote, making him an Elite act of Canada.

*all prices are subject to taxes

In 2014 Edward began his new show "Mind Trix", a mix of classic Magic and Mentalisim, and always a touch of clean comedy. The show is currently playing in Niagara Falls, Canada.